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Adventure Day Care Requirements

All dogs applying for day care are required to have the following skills/behaviours.

  • Effective Recall. 

    • Your dog must respond to their name with a 90% success rate in a range of environments.​

  • Socialisation

    • Day care is a social activity. Your dog must enjoy spending time with other dogs and understand the proper etiquette for interacting with a range of breeds, sizes and ages.​

  • Off Leash

    • You must be confident to let your dog off leash at a beach or dog park. If you cannot trust your dog in these designated areas, you will need to undergo training before becoming eligible for Adventure Day Care.​

  • Car Travel

    • Your dog must be able to travel in a car in a calm manner. Dogs that are anxious or hyperactive in a moving vehicle will not be suitable.​

  • Age

    • Dogs must be 8 months or older. Younger dogs will not be able to safely participate in the activities.​

If you feel confident that your dog meets all of the above criteria, we look forward to reviewing your application!



We are happy to offer training services with the intention of getting your dog to the level required to be considered for Adventure Day Care.

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