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Pack Leader / Trainer

"My single purpose is to help people and their dogs.

Helping dogs live their best lives is what brings me joy, and gets me out of bed every morning."

Rhys has always felt a close connection with dogs. In some ways, he feels that he connects more with animals than with people.  

Since the launch of Ollie's Training Adventures, Rhys is able to expand his knowledge further on a daily basis. In Rhys' opinion there's nothing better than spending a day out with a pack of dogs. 

Rhys is is certified with a Level III certification with NDTF in Animal Behavior and Training. 

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Pack Support Leader

Ollie is a young Australian Kelpie. Adopted by Rhys in early 2020. Ollie is intelligent, independent and loveable.


He takes pride in his job of supporting Rhys when taking the dogs out for daily adventures. He is also often used to help develop other dogs social skills during training sessions.

Ollie can usually be found leading the other dogs and helping the new comers understand the rules of the pack. 

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