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Snuffle Mats
From $30 each

The Snuffle Mat is an amazing tool for indoor enrichment. The mat is designed to get your dog to utilize his nose to seek out the treats that you have hidden in the mat. Studies have shown, that actively engaging the dogs scent senses fully engages their minds and encourages a more relaxed and well rounded pup.

All Snuffle Mats are 60cmx40cm and made using high quality Polar Fleece.

Designs are double knotted for extra durability.

We do not recommend allowing your dog to play with the snuffle mat without supervision, as chewing and swallowing the fleece may cause digestive issues.

To wash your snuffle mat, either wash on gentle cycle in the washing machine or rinse off with a hose. Do not tumble dry.

Prices do not include Postage.

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